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Press Ad's & Print Advertising

Press and Print Advertising remains a strong marketing strategy for many business owners.

Traditional press advertising in newspapers, magazines, directories and trade publications often require your business to be listed amongst your toughest competitors, with a very high risk of being overlooked. So your advertising has a zero percent chance of succeeding if your target audience doesn’t notice it!

Grabbing the readers attention is everything in press advertising. You need creativity, visual impact, white space, a clear message, a definitive call to action, eye-catching imagery, an explosion of colour, a distinctive border, easy to read fonts, clever use of angles, or whatever it takes to make your Press Ad stand out on the page. Your company’s advertising must be distinctive, unusual, and should contrast with the other ads on the page. But most importantly it should reflect and promote your business brand.

Designing a successful print advertising strategy is more challenging than some may think as there is no direct communication with the target audience.

Print advertising helps to promote your business and gives you the edge over your competition, providing brand advertising to product or event advertising.  D Dot Design can provide a complete service from the initial briefing through strategic media buying / planning, design concept, artwork production and publication to deliver targeted, cost effective advertising solutions for your business.

Advertise in Newspapers
Reasons why you should use press - it's not just about reach!

Advertising in News Limited papers is a powerful way to connect with engaged consumers, actively seeking information including advertising. Readers feel a sense of security in advertising delivered in newspapers and a large proportion agree that advertising in newspapers allows them to make informed decisions.  Newspapers will draw attention to brands and products readers wouldn't normally be looking for.  Get readers thinking they might need and interested in services or products advertised. 


"WORD OF MOUTH" Readers continue to spread news and advertising to family and friends. 

"ACTION" Readers visit the advertiser’s website after seeing newspaper advertising 

"INFORMATIVE" Helps readers keep informed about entertainment and other local events

"OFFERS" Helps readers stay informed of the latest offers  

"INTEREST" Allows readers to spend time with the ads they are interested in  


In addition consumers are not only engaging with advertising in newspapers they are taking action.   

  • 53% of newspaper readers claim that they visit an advertiser’s website as a result of seeing advertising in newspapers 
  • 43% of newspaper readers claim they visited a store looking for an advertised brand 
  • 51% of newspaper readers mentioned the advertising to a family member or friend 
  • 39% of newspaper readers claim they actually tore out the ad and kept it for future reference  

Print Media is still a legend in many ways... 

Getting your business' name out there among your potential customers can be a bit of a nightmare. This is only becoming truer as time goes on - new competitors are springing up all over the place, all the time. Although the internet is a vastly powerful marketing tool, sometimes is good to cover all resources. 

"RULE 1 A MUST HAVE" Business cards are always needed on first introduction whilst promoting your business and website.

"RULE 2 PREFERENCE OVER INTERNET" Some customers feel more comfort in printed catalogue and find them easier to manage. Bonus are use can easy obtain online version of all artwork, for online interactive pdfs as well.

"PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS" Promotion days & Seminars are one of the best opportunities to hand out fun and useful printed items.  Branding your details on clients and customers memories.

There well always be a need for a certain amount of printed materials... be digital or offset it all has its place in this rising world on internet world..

D Dot Design get quality printing at reasonable prices.

Short About Us

We pride ourselves on our no-nonsense, quality-centric approach to design and development. We don’t do second-best; we’re not happy until you’re happy. All our developments come with post-development support for that added peace of mind - we won’t just forget about you once we’re done.


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